Monday, March 21, 2011

Initial "y" and "j"

1. A blue is a type of bird. It makes a loud cawing sound.

2. If the baseball player strikes out, the crowd will probably .

3. I should down your phone number now before I forget it.

4. is a type of dessert made from flavored gelatin.

5. I agree with you. would be a very nice color for your kitchen.

6. The teacher wants to review the homework, but I haven’t done it .

7. Fruit and vegetable are good for your health.

8. Your ring is very beautiful. What kind of is that in it?

9. “ “, the crowd cheered when the Giants became World Champions.

10. In 1947, Chuck Yeager flew the X-1 plane and broke the sound barrier.

11. For this recipe, you must separate each egg from the egg white.

12. On a clear day, you can see many s in San Francisco Bay.

13. If you attend class regularly, learn a lot of English.

14. Yes. It’s easier to learn a language when you’re , but it’s not impossible when you’re older.

15. My great grandfather went to University. He studied law there.

16. Did you to live on a farm when you were in Mexico?

17. Our newest employee told a very funny during lunch. Everybody laughed.

18. After Spike got out of , he promised himself he’d never break the law again.

19. We the peaches and used an air-tight lid. They were good the following year.

20. Too much food isn’t good for your health. You should avoid it.

21. Now they make a very nice shaving . It makes your skin feel good.

22. I started learning English one ago. I feel like I’ve learned a lot in a short time.

23. I tried to prevent my neighbor from running over a tree branch, but I didn’t loudly enough.

24. Our apartment house has a nice back where the kids can play.

25. People always say at garage sales, “One person’s is another person’s treasure.”

26. A blue sang in our back and frightened the cats.


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