Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two Word Verbs, Practice Two

"Sunflowers" by Joan Mitchell, Abstract Expressionist Painter

1. Tim and Patty don't each other. They fight constantly.

2. I really my older sister because she's so smart.

3. You borrowed my screw driver yesterday, but you haven't to me yet.

4. My fiancee is going to her wedding dress tomorrow.

5. I need your email. Could you for me in this notebook?

6. This math problem is difficult. I'm having trouble .

7. I borrowed these library books two weeks ago. Now, I have to .

8. I just turned on that TV. Why did you ?

9. I haven't decided whether I will accept the job offer. I have to .

10. I don't believe. That's story isn't true! You just !

11. They missed class for two weeks, so now they're trying to .

12. Has the electrician begun working on the house? No. In fact, he hasn't


13. I'm not going to stop learning English. I'm going to studying it.

14. Maria decided to lose weight, so she's going to on bagels and


15. Your brother is too undisciplined. He needs to and start thinking

about his future.

16. The salesman tried to convince me to buy the car, but I didn't let him


17. Have the people received their flyers? No, you haven't yet.

18. Are those old newspapers still in the garage? You really should .

19. My parents have marital problems. They should before they get


20. You shouldn't smoking in the house. Second hand smoke is bad for


21. We have repaired you car. You can any time.

22. Judy, your toys are all over your room. Please, .

23. They are going to the report carefully to see if there are any mistakes.

24. I need an alarm clock to every morning, or I'll oversleep.

25. Harry gave me a nice ring, but I because I decided not to marry him.

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