Friday, March 5, 2010

The Superlative and The Third Form Participle.

"Self Portrait and Chess Game" by Marcel Duchamp

Using the model, create conversations using the following pattern:

A: Did you ___________ yesterday?

B: Yes, and it/she/he was the _______ I've ever __________ .

1. Did you eat a delicious meal yesterday?

2. Did you meet a famous movie star yesterday?

3. Did you run a difficult marathon yesterday?

4. Did you grow a beautiful flower last year?

5. Did you draw a pretty picture yesterday?

6. Did you take a fascinating photograph yesterday?

7. Did you visit an interesting museum yesterday?

8. Did you see a large building yesterday?

9. Did you ride a fast horse yesterday?

10. Did you get a good letter yesterday?

11. Did you drive a bad car yesterday?

12. Did you spend a lot of time at the supermarket yesterday?

13. Did you write a long letter yesterday?

14. Did you blow up a colorful balloon yesterday?

15. Did you catch a big fish yesterday?

16. Did you teach an easy English lesson yesterday?

17. Did you buy an expensive jacket yesterday?

18. Did you throw a good curve ball yesterday?

19. Did you go out with a nice man/woman yesterday?

20. Did you sing a lovely song yesterday?

21. Did you drink a sweet Coca Cola yesterday?

22. Did you find a roomy apartment yesterday?

23. Did you feel a bad pain in your finger yesterday?

24. Did you speak a complicated sentence in English yesterday?

25. Did you make a long phone call yesterday?

26. Did you give an expensive present to your friend yesterday?

27. Did you choose a friendly roommate yesterday?

28. Did you feed a hungry child yesterday?

29. Did you fight a tough guy yesterday?

30. Did you fly in a comfortable airplane yesterday?

31. Did you forget an important appointment yesterday?

32. Did you sell a cheap watch yesterday?

33. Did you swim in a wide river yesterday?

34. Did you sweep a dirty floor yesterday?

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