Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Practice with the Present Perfect Progressive Tense. Fill the blanks and check your answer by clicking on the drop down menu.

"Detail of Two Triangles" by Abstract Artist, Jack Reilly

1. It raining a lot this week.

2. your brother and sister getting along?

3. Rick studying hard this semester.

4. I'm tired because working out.

5. Julie in Italy since May.

6. you been studying German?

7. watching TV for 3 hours and we're tired.

8. too hard today. You need a break.

9. raining since you arrived?

10. My brother traveling since he finished school

11. She at that company for three years. (work)

12. The students a new textbook this year. (use)

13. Barry very well lately. (feel -- negative)

14. We a lot about perfect tenses. (learn)

15. it all day? (rain)

16. My sister on her cell phone for the last hour. (talk)

17. My car very well lately. (run--negative)

18. How you in school? (do)

19. How long he her? (date)

20. I very hard on my English. (work)

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