Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grammartalk 9hb, Page 2 - Future Progressive Tense

Franz Kline Kooning: Untitled

A: Will you be home later tonight?
B: Yes, I will. I’ll be reading until ten o’clock.
A: Will your brother and sister be home also?
B: Yes, they will. They’ll be playing cards for most of the evening.
A: Would you like me to bring over some ice cream?
B: That’s a nice idea. Yes. We’ll enjoy eating some
ice cream together.
A: Hi, Gloria. This is Arthur. Can I come over tonight?
B: No, Arthur. I’ll be shopping all evening.
A: Can I come over and visit tomorrow night?
B: No, Arthur. I’ll be working late at the office.
A: Can I come over and visit this weekend?
B: No, Arthur. I’ll be visiting my sister in New York.
A: Hi, Gloria. This is Arthur again. How’s Wednesday?
B: No, Arthur. I’ll be visiting my uncle in the hospital.
A: Okay, Gloria. Let’s make an appointment for sometime next spring.
B: No, Arthur. I’ll be getting married next spring.
A: What did you think? I wanted a date? No, I’m engaged myself. I want to sell you an encyclopedia.
B: Oh, really? Then, come over this evening. I’ll be waiting for you.
A: How long will your Aunt Sophie be staying?
B: She’ll be staying with us for a few months.
A: How late will Jose be working tonight?
B: He’ll be working until around 10 o’clock.
A: How late will our daughter be studying this evening?
B: She’ll be studying until she finishes her homework.
A: We’re having some problems with our front door.
B: I’ll be glad to help. When can I come over?
A: You can come over at 7 o’clock. How’s that?
B: That won’t work. I’ll be repairing a window then.
A: Can you come over after you finish the window?
B: I’ll be working on it until 9 o’clock. I’ll come over
when I finish.
A: Welcome to San Francisco. I’ll be your tour guide.
B: What sights will we be seeing today?
A: Well, we’ll be going to Chinatown and North Beach.
B: Will we be visiting Civic Center?
A: Yes, we will. We’ll also be seeing Golden Gate Bridge.
B: But, when will we be having lunch? I’m hungry already.
A: We’ll be having lunch around noon.
B: And after that, will we be going on a cable car ride?
A: That’s right. We’ll also be taking a tour of the zoo.
B: Tell me, tour guide. Where will we be having dinner?
A: I’m glad you asked. We’ll be having dinner at the Cliff House, right at the ocean.
B: It sounds like we’ll be having a great tour of San Francisco.
A: I want to return the dictionary I borrowed.
B: I will be home this evening. You can drop it by then.
A: I don’t want to bother you if you’re going to be busy.
B: That’s OK. I’ll just be doing the laundry.
A: Then, I won’t be coming over this evening.
B: Don’t worry. You won’t disturb me. This evening is fine.
A: How old is Jessica now? She’s a big baby.
B: She’s growing up fast. She’s already one year old.
A: Soon, she’ll be talking and walking.
B: How old is Tommy now? He must be almost 12.
A: Yes. Soon, he’ll be driving and shaving.
B: Soon, he’ll be going out on dates. He won’t be a little boy much longer.
A: How old is Kathy now? She must be almost 18.
B: Yes. Very soon, she’ll be going to college.
A: I can’t believe how quickly time flies.
B: She’ll be living away from home for the first time.
A: It won’t be long, she’ll be starting a career.
B: She won’t be a teenager much longer. Soon she’ll be a young adult.

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